PS5 game pricing: Will it cost more than PS4?

PS5 game pricing: Will it cost more than PS4?

Anika Sihota
6 Dec · 4 mins read

"Sony CEO Jim Ryan believes $70/£70 is a fair price for PS5 games." - Telegraph UK

There has been an ongoing dispute regarding the pricing for the top PS5 games. Game pricing is a big factor According to the article, PS5 games are believed to be more expensive than PS4, is this correct? Well, Eebz has a way to prove this...

Eebz tracks pricing for electronics throughout their product life cycle. This feature allows us to track games on different platforms across hundreds of markets worldwide. Using Eebz ability to work out average pricing for games, we calculated PS5 vs PS4 across multiple markets in Europe and the USA.

What does this mean?

Eebz removes VAT to allow for easy comparison between large and small markets. In this case, we analysed Germany, the USA, and the UK. We also converted at a standard exchange rate.

Interestingly enough, the current average price shows that PS5 is in fact marginally cheaper in the UK and the US. This is likely due to newly released discounting and product mix, with cheaper titles like 'Puyo Puyo Tetris 2' having a higher impact.  

In contrast, games in Germany have a slightly higher average price across markets, resulting in an upscale for PS5 game pricing. 

Eebz overall average reveals that PS5 games are more expensive on average, however, PS4 is not far behind with only a €0.45 difference. It would be fair to say the new-gen games are generously priced, considering their game pricing is similar to a 7-year-old console. 

So which title is the most expensive?

The pricing of games can be a daunting factor for gamers. In accordance with overall average pricing across the 3 markets, Eebz has determined the top 3 most expensive and cheapest PS5 titles in the 3 markets:

Top 3 most expensive games on average:

1. Demon Souls (€79.51 in the UK)

2. Godfall (€82.61 in Germany)

3. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (€79.42 in Germany)

The cheapest games on average (cheapest first): 

1. Spirit of the North (€29.84 in the UK)

2. Puyo Puyo Tetris 2: The Ultimate Puzzle Match (€35.86 in the USA)

3. Maneater (€35.86 in the USA)

Pricing variances...why is the scale so large?

Inexpensive games like Maneater are not being carried to the same level on PS4. Eebz ranging analysis shows 30% of PS5 retailers carrying Puyo Puyo Tetris. A title of this caliber will only be in a handful of retailers, possibly just online. 

Correspondingly, big titles like Demon Souls are in high demand, thus it is one of the reasons they are priced higher. This results in an average price drop, thereby PS5 games are marginally higher than PS4. 

In conclusion, PS4 and PS5 software retailers are in tight competition with one another shown from the close-knit pricing results. Game pricing is an interesting aspect to monitor, especially when looking into specific markets and across platforms. 

Eebz ranging analysis helps to provide valid pieces of information to resolve pricing disputes. Although this makes us wonder, how close would the game pricing be for Xbox and PlayStation? 

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