It's promotions, dummy!

It's promotions, dummy!

Anika Sihota & Vangelis Matthaiopoulos
7 Mar · 3 mins read

Discrepancies between retailers and brands are a common occurrence when the promotional cadence of products comes into play.

Eebz provides visibility into promotional compliance with access to real-time data for pricing and promotions. This allows Brands and Distributors to follow promotional launches and activities in real-time ensuring that agreed timelines, pricing, and exposure are being correctly implemented by all parties. 

Utilizing Eebz data we found a great example in the Video Games industry to showcase how a major Publisher (Brand) was able to find a discrepancy in a high visibility promotion and work with their distributor to avoid any issues in the future.

The Publishers promotional calendar was asking for title A to be promoted over the Christmas period starting on the 18th of December and running for X weeks within all major retailers in Germany.

Looking at the Graph we see that Title A pricing is in sync across the three main retailers, but when the promotion starts we observe a delay of 3 days in-retailer X. Resulting in two major issues:

  1. The promotion effect is diluted because the launch is not uniform

  2. Retailer X is set in a worse competitive position triggering relationship issues with the Brand

  3. Sales opportunities are not maxed out for this title

The Publisher was able to quickly discuss the issue with their distributor and to correct the late start fairly soon. Furthermore, the Eebz platform was set to send notifications to all involved as soon as a similar discrepancy would occur, ensuring that all involved could take action promptly avoiding any issues.

Eebz transforms the relationship between Brands, Distributors, and Retailers. Allowing the partners to be always on top of their operational excellence and to achieve the maximum of their targets.

Retailers and distributors will be more compliant with the clarity projected from Eebz.

Contact us to track your promotional compliance across products for various retailers/markets.

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