Eebz retailer categorisation

Eebz retailer categorisation

13 Dec · 4 mins read

Understanding retailers can give great insight into product placement strategies. Eebz divides reatiler into a number of categories:

  1. Grocery (Tesco, Carrefour) - carry large number of categories, but low ranging. Despite that can sell huge volumes. Video game ranging is typically 100-200 products.

  2. Department (Sansborns, Macy's) - a bit of a dying breed, but can be relevant in markets (especially in South America). Video game ranging is typically 300-500 products

  3. Specialist (Fnac, MediaMarkt, Dixon, Best Buy) - typically specialise in a number of related categories (such as electronics, toys etc). Video game ranging is typically 500-2 000 products.

  4. Category (Game, GameStop, JRC) - specialising primarily in a category. Video game ranging is typically 5 000+ products. Smaller kiosks are typically category retailers, too.

  5. Online (Amazon) - online only retailers. Can carry a much broader range of product even if they are not specialist. Video game ranging is typically 1 000 products. Please note; an online retailer that sells only video games will usually be classified as Category.

  6. Platform (Sony Playstation Store, Microsoft Store, Origin) - digital download only. Does not have warehouses so has a very different business model. Will carry extremely deep ranges of product (Playstation Store is upwards of 15 000 products). Origin/U Play and other platform retailers specialise in just a few games, but exhibit the same characteristics albeit in a narrow number of titles.

In addition there is a six type of 'retailer' - Marketplaces. Lazarda, Rakuten (to a certain extent Amazon) are examples here. We primarily find it useful to track a single retailer across the platform rather than the platform generally. The reason: its really hard for a sales person to speak to Lazarda and get them to do anything; to sell more, change prices etc... You need to speak to the merchant that sells on Lazarda. These merchants can be anyone (we have even seen big multi-national Grocery stores selling on Rakuten).

So why is retailer categories relevant?

Understanding the ranging can help arrive at the correct placement strategy. Spending hours selling a very highly rated Japanese RPG into Tesco will never be a good use of time, whereas pushing Lego and making sure that this is placed on shelves even a year or two after release will have dividends. Our categorisation report helps you to identify suitable opportunity in the 900+ retailers worldwide selling video games.

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