Four "R"'s of Retail Sales

Four "R"'s of Retail Sales

Peter Laughton
10 Jan · 3 mins read

Introducing the four R’s of retail selling. The four R's are our view of a typical retail sales lifecycle. get each of these four stages correct and you will add £££ to your product life sales.

1. Range

  • Which retailers should stock your product? Are you getting the correct coverage for your Collectors and Special Editions.

  • Have you overbuilt and stuffed too many retailers? Or too few…

2. Reputation

  • Online is way ahead the most important ways consumers discover your product. Typically 30% of retail sales are concluded on their website... and the decision to buy in store is affected by initial consumer discover on their website.

  • Has retail got the correct packshot? Is your title - the biggest drive for search matches - searchable by consumers?

  • Has the retailer listed your product in the correct categories?

  • Are you product details and specifications correct? Is the age rating and other legal requirements correctly displayed?

Do you know?

32% of retailers did not return any product when the titles standard search term was used. Tips to solve this include removing full stops in short forms of a title including both a short form and the long from in a title etc. 

3. Replenishment

  • How quickly are you replacing sold out stock? It still amazes me that in these days of min/max auto-order systems fast selling stock is regularly out of stock.

  • Monitoring distributors and third party wholesalers can help change the relationship from how much you buy to how much you sell

4. Re-promotion

  • You have selected the right retailers, your product is beautifully listed and you are successfully getting re-orders when your product runs out of stock. Re-promotion is the process of adjusting price, arriving at special offers and otherwise driving sales.

  • Are you checking that promotions are properly implemented at a store level?

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