Eebz for Software Developers

Get insights on how your publisher is managing your product

Software sales are moving to a more direct channel... but retail still provides a vital channel for

  • New customer acquisition - online struggles with dicoverability. Retail provides an excellent source for new customers and is often extremely price competitive compared to search engine marketing and other acquisition methods
  • Gifting - gifting is an important slice of video game acquisition... and retailer availability helps support and prompt the sales of your product in retail
  • Participate in new consoles sales - research indicates that upwards of two full games are purchased at the same time as the console. Make sure your product is available when this console is purchased.
  • Align platform and retail - platform retailers such as Sony Playstation Store are often out of synch with market pricing. Help get insight into real pricing, market by market, and ensure that your platform pricing is competitive

How do retail insight help your product sell more?

  • Better manage your publisher - have they access to all international markets? Are they actively price promoting?
  • Improve your 'feel' for markets worldwide - want to reprice or promote your product? This can have knock on affects to your existing channel loading.
  • Understand competitive market dynamics - what price are your competitors achieving in markets? When is the right time to release additional content?