Elixir Developer

Eebz Ltd is a startup developing an advanced digital sales tool for the video games and computer industries. 

We have a number of key video games publishers utilising our sales tool, including Warner Brothers. 

We are looking for an enthusiastic back end developer to assist our build out our app with some exciting features on our roadmap such as AI-driven market share. 

The role will be an integral part of our dev teams based in Krakow and Windsor, United Kingdom. 

In addition to Elixir, our tech stack includes Vue.js, Python and Kubernetes. 

This is a great role for someone who has an interest in Elixir and would like to skill up and build more in this amazing language. We have an experienced team of Elixir developers who are always keen to share knowledge and support junior developers to build out skills. 


  • Build out of new features in Elixir 

  • Review of Elixir code developed by team members 

  • Advice to product management through new feature analysis based on coding practicalities and business requirements 

  • Improvements and suggestions to keep existing code base moving forward 


  • Familiarity with Elixir (experience with Phoenix is a bonus!). Whilst we would prefer someone with prior Elixir experience, we appreciate our duty to the broader Elixir community and will consider others who have a basic understanding of Elixir and are looking to upgrade and professionalise their knowledge. 

  • Excellent interpersonal skills - we are looking for a team player 

  • Preference will be given to candidates who can work full time, but we will accommodate part-time for a suitably qualified candidate.

  • We have a strong team ethic, and whilst we do support remote working, do expect the role to be primarily based out of the UK. 

Our Windsor development studio is close to shops and within walking distance to stations into Paddington and Waterloo. 

We offer a comprehensive benefits package including pension and medical. We offer Friday lunches, regular supply of softdrinks and hope to create a comfortable work environment. 

Contact Oskar Laska at oskar@eebz.com