Eebz for Retailers

Product and supplier insight that helps you sell more

Eebz supports buyers range management and provides a key tool for suppliers to better manage their products in your stores.

Eebz is currently focussed on the video games category. Electronic goods and toys are scheduled to launch soon. We will continue to add further categories - contact us for more details.


Easily determine your ideal ranging for a category. Our AI evaluates your store profile and suggests ideal ranging, even down to a store level. Our ranging system even works well with challgenging categories such as video games, computers and toys.

Our product lifecycle features will help you to quickly identify product that should be promoted through or returned.


Eebz can help you work with your supplier on promotions and repricing strategies.

View product pricing in multiple countries - our tools remove VAT to help you clearly understand worldwide pricing.

Availability management

Eebz supports your own inventory order management system by checking availability. This gives a third view that identifies mistakes, misorders and other issues.

Eebz helps your suppliers be better suppliers. By ensuring easy visibility of stock holdings, Eebz can assist suppliers in identify over and under stocks, better support your promotional activity and otherwise work togheter to sell more.

Retailer free access programme

We provide free access to all retailers for all information we hold about you. Please note that we do not nornally track all your products: we focus on key industries and suppliers with a particular focus on consumer durables.

Note: we do not supply data to price comparison sites.