Eebz for Sales Teams

Reseller insight that help you sell more

How does Eebz help sales?

  • Quickly identify new sales opportunities. If a product is not being offered online its likely out of stock.
  • Manage back catalogue. Older products often do not make it to the buyer discussion. Eebz helps prioritisation and works out the most profitable opportunities, even on back catalogue.
  • Check historical and competitive pricing.
  • Build out promotional opportunities.
  • Help communicate sales performance to the broader business.

Example use of availability report:

  • Quickly spot sales opportunities - if your retailer is not offering a product to their customers it is a strong indicator that they need more stock!
  • Monitor distributor performance - check to see how well your distributor is performing. Check your product against a competitor or monitor an older release against the newer product
  • Identify grey market product - we track GTIN in about 30% of all retail

Use our pricing reports:

  • To check on promotion compliance - was that money used for repricing?
  • Align digital and traditional pricing - often digital retail pricing is out of synch with market
  • Identify historical repricing to help make your new pricing strategy

Our forecasting report:

  • Check your actual sales against our forecasted number
  • Support broader volume planning - translate business desires to reality quickly

Case example: The Sainsbury Stuck Stock case

Eebz reported a sudden dip in product availability in Europe. The availability report showed this in the UK, specifically Sainsburys and Argos. Further investigation revealed that an English Export SKU had accidentally been resupplied and the internal Sainsbury/Argos system was not able to properly identify this as the GTIN was different. The product languished in a warehouse and was no longer being offered to consumers. Both the buyer and key accounts manager had thought the product to be properly stocked and that for some reason Sainsbury consumers were simply no longer buying it.. Eebz visits retailer websites and determines if your products are available for sale.

We rank these retailers by importance and produce a market coverage based on your product availability.