Eebz for Sales Teams

Reseller insight that help you sell more

How does Eebz help sales?

  • Quickly identify new sales opportunities. If a product is not being offered online its likely out of stock.
  • Case example: Stuck stock stops sales

    Eebz reported a sudden dip in product availability. The reports showed that a major UK retailer were not selling our clients' key product. Investigation revealed an incorrect SKU had accidentally been supplied and so the product languished in a warehouse and was not being being offered to consumers.

    Eebz reported this information within 24 hours which meant that action was taken quickly and sales loss minimised.

  • Manage back catalogue. Older products often do not make it to the buyer discussion. Eebz helps prioritisation and works out the most profitable opportunities, even on back catalogue.
  • Check historical and competitive pricing.
  • Build out promotional opportunities.
  • Help communicate sales performance to the broader business.

Example use of availability report:

  • Quickly spot sales opportunities - if your retailer is not offering a product to their customers it is a strong indicator that they need more stock!
  • Monitor distributor performance - check to see how well your distributor is performing. Check your product against a competitor or monitor an older release against the newer product
  • Identify grey market product - we track GTIN in about 30% of all retail

Use our pricing reports:

  • To check on promotion compliance - was that money used for repricing?
  • Align digital and traditional pricing - often digital retail pricing is out of synch with market
  • Identify historical repricing to help make your new pricing strategy

Our forecasting report:

  • Check your actual sales against our forecasted number
  • Support broader volume planning - translate business desires to reality quickly