Eebz product intelligence

Helping sales teams that sell to retail, sell more

The changing retail landscape

Sales professionals face a world of changing demands:- the dramatic rise in online retailers, global price visibility, new business models, the growth of international markets and an explosion in SKUs.

Our tools help sales teams maximise revenue by revealing crucial retailer insights.

Product Intelligence

How does it work?

Eebz analyses hundreds online and bricks-and-mortar retailers in over 70 markets, checking daily.

Eebz gathers information about your products in these retailers and presents a series of actionable web-based report and alerts.

Product intelligence - how does it work
Markets worldwide
Average market coverage
Product checks daily

Simple, actionable insight

Artificial Intelligence built on experience

Eebz AI is based on years of industry sales experience. Our experts have built tech-sales businesses in markets from Germany to Russia.

Retail sales lifecycle

The Four R's of Retail Selling

Eebz provides insights to all phases of the retail sales cycle

1. Ranging

Which retailer, which product

2. Reputation

Product images and details

4. Re-promotion

Reprice, re-promote to keep those sales rolling

3. Replenishment

Timeous re-orders

How can eebz help you?

See how Eebz can drive more revenue for your products

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Example use cases

Manage distributors

Check availability to ensure your distributors remain focussed on your product.

Pricing consistency

Easily review worldwide pricing adjusted for VAT and tax.

Improve App store accuracy

Ensure that your pricing and availablity is correct across all markets.

Promotional compliance

Check agreed pricing changes are translated to consumers speedily.

Identify grey market

Identify price arbitrage issues.

Re-pricing Strategies

Use graphical and data driven tools to spot re-pricing strategies.

And many more...

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