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The changing retail landscape

Sales professionals are facing a world of changing demands: the dramatic rise of online retailers, global price visibility, new business models, the growth of international markets and an explosion in SKUs.

Eebz help sales teams maximise revenue by revealing crucial retailer insights.

The Four R's of Retail Selling

Supporting sales throughout the product lifecycle


Discover new retailers and ensure that the right product is in the right retailer


Can your product be found easily on retailer websites? Is it displayed correctly? Does it look good?


React faster when a product goes out of stock. Manage your distributors through coverage.


Are your retailers offering promotions when they should? What is the optimal promotional price? When should you offer a promotion?

We are passionate about driving sales

It's promotions, dummy!

Discrepancies between retailers and brands are a common occurrence when the promotional cadence of products comes into play.

Anika Sihota & Vangelis Matthaiopoulos
7 Mar · 3 min read

Merchandising: digital retail vs physical retail

Merchandising is s sure-fire way to drive your sales in store. Check our list of merchandising techniques for digital and phyiscal retailers

Peter Laughton
31 Dec · 2 min read

PlayStation and Xbox: Does Pricing Vary By Country?

Eebz has a unique way to find out the average game pricing for two top-selling consoles, across markets worldwide. So who is more expensive?

Anika Sihota
8 Dec · 5 min read

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Simple, actionable insight

Artificial Intelligence built on experience

Eebz AI is based on years of industry sales experience. Our experts have built tech-sales businesses in markets from Germany to Russia.

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