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Can product availability predict product popularity? See our Sony case example

An exploration of product availability for Sony Dualshock to establish product popularity. New

Anika Sihota & Yana Boiko
28 Oct · 6 min read

Two major markets execute different marketing approaches

Our data reveals how two major markets perform different promotion strategies for a best selling sports game worldwide.New

Anika Sihota & Yana Boiko
11 Sep · 6 min read

Retail Post Covid - A first look

The Coronavirus crisis has drive the unprecedented extended closure of physical retail. What are the likely long term effects?New

Peter Laughton
14 Apr · 7 min read

Top retailer websites listing errors that hold back sales

Top biggest issues with retailer websites that hold back both online and in-store sales. How can we help you improve?New

Peter Laughton
31 Jan · 5 min read

Why does online share peak at Christmas?

Online retail share of total retail sales peaks over Christmas. Why?New

Peter Laughton
12 Jan · 3 min read

Four "R"'s of Retail Sales

Our 'Four R's' is a systematic approach to selling your product in retail that we know can double sales. New

Peter Laughton
10 Jan · 3 min read

Video games market sizing in 2019

Sales always starts with market sizing... view our opinion for 2019New

Peter Laughton
14 Nov · 6 min read

Winning the battle with retail (but losing the video games sales war)

Publishers spend time fighting retail.. but is collapsing retail a pyrrhic victory?New

Peter Laughton
4 Nov · 6 min read

Product lifecycle management and the scarcity principle

Running low on stock can help you sell more.. New

Peter Laughton
4 Nov · 4 min read